Saturday, August 8, 2009

Sad to say I'll be taking another break:(

Hi Lovelies

How gorgeous you all are, you have been so sweet and encouraging to me.
But sadly I'll be taking another break because my poor computer has blown
up on me, so until I can get it fixed or get another one I won't be on.

I'm so sorry...I will try and drop in and see you all when I get access to a
friends computer.

Take care sweet lovelies, I hope to be back soon:)

May you all be showered in kisses from heaven:)

Love & blessings


Gracie said...

Hi Melly
I wish we lived closer..I'd walk over to your place with a computer in hand... we have three.I'd be happy to give one to you!
You will be missed:( I leave on my trip on the 23rd...hopfully your PC will be up and running by the time I return

mythoughtsmyvoice said...

Don't you just hate it when that happens out of the blue. Ok, ok maybe not exactly hate but it is a little horrible, yes? Let's hope it can be fixed . . . or maybe you get to have a new one :-) Pink to match the accessories of your new car? :-)


the wild raspberry said...

miss ya....hope everything is going well...

big hugs~~


Elise said...

Hi Melly, I think you need a new one ! Best wishes & enjoy the rest of Sunday

Deanna said...

Sweet little Melly! I hope you can come back soon! I'll be waiting for you :D


GEORGIA said...

Hello, Melly!
So sorry to read about your computer. It is such a blow to our online lives when anything happens to end our ability to communicate!! Hoping you will find another to replace yours soon!

Happy that you came to my blog and became my follower before being unable to communicate. I am also happy to know that you are seeking the God of my heart and will pray for you in that effort.
Come for another visit when you are able!
Grandma G's

sa said...