Saturday, February 6, 2010

Thrift Shopping

G'day Lovelies!!

On Friday I went around to my local thrift stores and found some pretty little treasures. I do believe that each thing I purchased was from a different store. I got a bag of assorted lace for $2.00...bargain!! a sweet crystal salt shaker for $1...I just love this sweet little salt shaker!! a small crystal vase for can never have too many little crystal vases..and the most expensive thing I bought was a bag with some jewelery for $ had a matching diamond heart necklace and heart earings and a pink broach...
Golly....I so enjoy thrift shopping, it makes me all happy inside :) something that would make me even happier is if I could take you all with me and make a day of it...hmmm...we may need longer than a's nice to dream :)

Have a super duper fab weekend, Sweet Peoples!!!



Grace said...

I found your blog and I'm happy.
I too love thrift stores, I have one around the corner and I appear there often.hehe
So glad you love Jesus and share that love.

MyThoughtsMyVoice said...

Melly you have brought home with you lots of things! :-) Soft, sparkly, pretty, pretty! YOu must be one happy girl coming home with all your treasures. I know I would! Now why do n't we have such here for me to discover so the girly side in me can go hoppity hop hop too LOL But I do enjoy looking at yours. And how wonderful is that to bring home a diamond heart necklace? Must be one fun day!


(I haven't read the book you share on your previous post but I too believe that God thinks of me wonderful too despite my imperfections :-) )

Julia - "Vintage with Laces" said...

Hi Melly, Wow, what gorgeous treasures you found and such great deals! I love everything but especially the pink brooch! Enjoy your new goodies!