Thursday, August 12, 2010

Cute idea!

I've been a bad bad blogger.....I'm sorry my Sweet Lovelies, stuff has been happening, you know stuff?!
Please forgive my stuff getting in the road of blogging, I will try and be a better blogger :)

Ok, enough of my lame excuse and on with the pics I wanted to share with you from Apartment Therapy.
Chairs as bedside tables such a cute idea, what do you think??

simply sweet!

oh so loverly! this bedroom!!!

Have a super duper sweet day my Blogging Beauties!!



BLISS angels said...

Melly i'v missed you, you'v been missing all the fun.... Hugs Wendy

Holly- Girls At Heart said...

Oh yes! I've used chairs for just about everything! But I've not had any as cute as those!

Hey, there's no such thing as a bad blogger- just busy ones! ♥

Merana Leigh said...

What? Chairbacks aren't to be used as closets to hold all my clothes? Are you SURE?!! ;o}


~ Merana

Lisa said...

Oh how great! I have a very tall bed now but will have a lower one when I move and I have LOADS of chairs! Great idea and easy to change and use when you need them! Great to see you back again, I hate when I have to be away from blogging! Missed you!

Mrs.G said...

Oh sweety you have been missed...
Love the chair idea,I really did try this two times in my life,once in my city only look well... wrong.
Another time when I lived on a farm in a huge farm houe and it did look great!!!Both time were done for the lack of funds:)

Your not a "bad blogger"...your vonderbar!!!

Becky said...

Pretty pictures,Lissa.I chose that one to call you,lol.You have a lovely blog page here,so pretty.Thanks for visitng my blog and joining Im now a follower of yours.

Happy Thursday!

josh healy said...

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