Thursday, May 6, 2010

Pretty Pink House

I came across this sweet pink house while I was driving back home from visiting with my Sister. I can't remember exactly what town this little treasure was situated in but hopefully my Mum does so when I go to visit with my Sis again I can stop and take some better photo's. It looked like it was abandoned but I wasn't too sure so I felt a little funny taking pics so they're not the best.

I am so in love with this gorgeous place and the more I look at the pics the more I would love to see more of the outside and to go inside would just be superb. I could really see myself living in this little treasure...oh I love to wonderful to own your home...maybe one day...I am thankful to God for the place I do live in, the rent is the cheapest in town which is such a blessing in itself and I'm slowly decorating it with my thrift store finds :)I will show you some pics of my sweet little duplex one day I promise :)

Have a wonderful week, Sweet Lovelies!



Kissed by an Angel said...

Ooooh Melly, it's absolutely gorgeous!!! Beautiful!! Glad you shared it with us!!!

chasity said...

great colors....
pink and turquoise...what fun.
and the little matching doghouse out back~ adorable.

i think i'll start having my girlies call me MUM instead of Momma.
i like the sound of that :)


Lisa said...

Oh i do love it! Thrift store treasures are great!!! I cannot wait to see!