Tuesday, April 14, 2009


Hi Lovely Peoples,

I hope you all had a beautifully blessed Easter.

I had my hands full dog sitting my Mums two dogs Trudy and Maggie and her cockatiel Charlie. It was indeed an interesting time as my Lily just wants to play, so she was in their faces a lot and with them being older they were not impressed with her, and we won't go into feeding time. They were sure glad that they went home today and I must admit I was glad too.

So what did you all get up to for Easter?

I came back to blog land to be blessed, the very sweet and lovely Francis at Bellamere Cottage has showered me in Blog Awards, thank you so much Francis....hugs. I'm so shocked because I've only been at blogging a little while and I have been blessed so much with wonderful, talented, creative, sweet, encouraging, beautiful and inspiring Blog Friends and I am so thankful to you all, more than you know.

With these Blog Awards I'm suppose to pick 8 or more people to give these awards to. Because It's so hard to pick just a few I'm going to go against the grain and I'm going to give these awards to everyone who comes and has come to my blog. So if your reading this now please take these Awards and be blessed and encouraged.

My thanks to you all :)

Please don't be shy, take the awards and display them on your blog, it will just make my day and hopefully yours :)



Melissa said...

I so "get" you with giving the awards to all of your beloved blog buddies! I am all about wanting everyone to feel loved and accepted. When I read that you were doing this, I thought, Hmmm...I've found a kindred spirit in my Aussy sister-in-Christ!!!!!!
Thanks for my FIRST award ever!

TattingChic said...

Congratulations on your many lovely awards! Good for you! Didn't you just start your blog a few months ago, too? Isn't blog-land wonderful!?

Thanks for stopping by my blog yesterday and leaving such a sweet comment.

Holly said...

Aw, thanks for the awards, Melly!

I had a nice quiet Easter with my last and wonderful little boy. ♥