Thursday, April 23, 2009

The Smallest Blessings Thursday

I love the beach, I delight in the way each and every one of your senses come alive. To be still and relish in all its beauty. To see and hear the waves crashing in on the rocks to feel that cool sea spray on my face and taste its salty kisses. In all this beauty I feel so much closer to God, it's like no one else exists just Him and I.
One time while sitting on the rocks I closed my eyes and envisioned that Jesus was standing out on the ocean inviting me to come to Him, I walk to Him and fall to my knees sobbing, He gently takes my hands and lifts me to my feet then wipes the tears from my eyes and smiles, it's the most beautiful smile I have ever seen, a smile that drenched me in love. He takes my hand and leads me to dance, we dance and dance and dance.
I am grateful for such a precious day dream, one that will be forever treasured. With a word spoken we are blessed with the magnificence of His oceans.

A Big thank you to the sweet and lovely Jennifer, at The Southern Housewife for hosting The Smallest Blessings Thursday what a beautiful way to brighten up your own day and others by being thankful for what God has blessed us with.
Please pop in and visit or join in with The Southern Housewife and the other Lovely Ladies, I'm sure it will bless your heart as it has mine.



hip chick said...

I love the beach also. One really does see the power of God there.

The Southern Housewife said...

Definitely an amazing work of art. You can't look at the ocean and not think of what a great God we have to create such beauty.

Thanks for visiting and participating! :) See you next week!

. said...

Nature is such a blessing. Praise our Good Lord.


Raggedy Girl said...

Lovely post and it makes me excited because in June I am leaving the desert for a week on a beach!

The Raggedy Girl--Roberta Anne

Casey said...

This was just beautiful! Thank you for sharing

Victoria@WhimsybyVictoria said...

What a beautiful daydream! I have picked you to recieve an award! It is the "Attitude of Gratitude" award, which you so deserve. Thank you for always posting inspiration and love for the Gospel! Please come by and pick up your award. :)

Hugs to you,

Lisa said...

That is an amazing dream. And the best part is one day it will come true! Love your sweet blog