Saturday, April 18, 2009

Pink Saturday!!

Hi Lovely Ladies & Gentlemen!

It's that wonderful time's Pink Saturday!!

How can I not do the PINK happy dance :)Photobucket come on join know you want to...or maybe pressure :)

Beverly is our sweet hostess at How Sweet The Sound.It's because of this lovely lady the we can all get together and share our love for all things pink!! Many thanks and big hugs to you Beverley!

So beautiful peoples what are you waiting for, pop in and visit with Beverley and all the other Lovely peoples that participate in Pink Saturday you'll be tickled PINK you did.

I told Mum about Pink Saturdays and how much fun we have and she wanted to get in on all the fun too, so these are pics my Beautiful Mum took of some pink treasures she has as well as pink from her garden. I do hope you like them :)

Have a super duper pinkalicious Pink Saturday!!!




Julie said...

Sweet Melly, I love all the Pink Treasures...Your mom has some beautiful things...Have a wonderful Saturday..Julie

Melissa said...

Can I just say that I LOVE YOU!!!
Thanks for stopping by my blog. You may have to type Jesse's addy into the address bar to get it to come up.
It's at:
I had to do that, and it came up!
Try it, and let me know how that works.
Have a fantastic weekend,

Es said...

Thanks for sharing!

Happy Pink Saturday! X Es X

Linda said...

Lovely pinks! I used to grow anthuriums many years ago when I lived in Hawaii! Happy Pink Saturday!


Sares said...

Hello Melly,
Isn't it fun to show off what we love about pink? I'm glad your mom got in on the act. My mom and I blog together(on separate blogs) and we are really enjoying it. Have a Happy Pink Day!

the wild raspberry said...

lovin all the pink flowers...
a little early for me to do any dance at all ;)
have a great weekend!

Bumble Bee Cottage said...

Hi Melly,I’m a Queensland girl as well; it’s strange how blogland brings people together. Your Mum’s pinkies are lovely – nice to see some flowers from home. Have a great Saturday

Sandi@ My Yellow Door said...

'Morning Melly,
Your Mum's pinks are lovely. How fun that she wants to join in. Happy Pink Saturday!


Say It With Roses said...

Love all your pink this Pink Saturday!
Sweet Blessings,

Jennifer said...

Melly, I love the Pink Pig Frame. It is so cute. My oldest daughter has an obsession with Pink Pigs! I love seeing your Happy Pink Dance! It always makes me smile!LOL
Happy Pink Saturday!

Denise said...

Thank you for stopping by my first Pink Saturday. I LOVE your pink background & your Mum's treasures are so beautiful!!

Mimi said...

What lovely pink-a-licious goodies this week. I could get lost in pink and never return☺ Beverly didn't know it but she made my day when she came up with this day to celebrate my favorite color!

Wishing you a Happy Pink Saturday and a wonderful weekend full of sunshine and l♥ve!

Amy said...

Happy Pink Saturday Melly! Lovely pinks!

Valerie said...

Hi Melly!

Thank you so much for dropping by and leaving your kind comments.

Your Australian flowers are just wishing we had warmer weather here in the Heartland of America, but the weather forecasters are promising that we'll flirt with the 80's next week! Aaaah, spring.

Blessings to you from Kansas,

fairiemoon said...

Happy Pink Saturday!
Erin :)

Raggedy Girl said...

What a sweet looking blog and I love your pinkness.

Roberta Anne-The Raggedy Girl
Happy Pink Saturday

LillySue said...

Heehee! Yep, on Sat. I do the Pink happy dance too! Thank you for stopping by my blog. I will be back to visit again!

Bellamere Cottage said...

Sweet and dear Melly........

Thanks so much for your visit. You are such a dear heart.

Isn't that too sweet that your Mum wanted to join in on Pink Saturday. She's a fun gal! She has that big 'ol diamond in PINK! I sure wish my Mum's had been pink too.

Now, did I miss something....?? Now, bear in mind, I'm in that over 50 segment of the population, but did you re-do your bloggie?? I don't remember the pink rose background. It is ADORABLE.

God bless you. Have a wonderful Pink Saturday.


Oh, and PS......I forgot to do the EIGHT things, but I'll do it early next week. ;-)

Stephanie said...

I love that your Mom helped you with your Pink Saturday....that was soooo sweet! Love the flowers. Very Pink-A-Licious!!

Happy Pink Saturday!!

Michelle said...

Loved your Mum's pictures and please send her my best wishes too!

Cath's Pennies Designs said...

Oh you are the pinkiest of the pink today!
Happy Pink, Melly!


Deanna said...

Hi little sweetie! Just popping in before we leave for Austin.

How wonderful that your dear mom is participating! I loved the verse that the sweet pink piggy was holding and the coral is just lovely.

I was so happy to see that you kept the Pink Happy dance girl! I can't imagine not seeing that on Pink!

Deanna :D

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh do I love anything with PINK jewels! How Pretty!!!

m ^..^

The Wrought Iron Gate said...

What beautiful pink flowers, and what a cute little pig. Thats the second time I've seen a pig on a post today. I love the fact that you and your Mom collaborated. I'm doing the pink happy dance.

Best Wishes,

Betty (picture circa 1954) said...

Your Mom did very well with all the pink photos. Happy Pink Saturday!

Amy said...

Very sweet pinks! Happy PS


Beverly said...

Such lovely images of beautiful pinks. Tell your mum thank you for sharing with us.

Happy Pink Saturday, Melly.

Barb~Bella Vista said...

Oh, so sweet!!

Happy Pink Saturday.


the wild raspberry said...

ok ok .... i'm doing a happy dance now...especially since i spent the day at miss frenchies antique show. it was awesome!!!!
oooohhh yeeeeaaah i'm dancing oohh yeeeaaah {can you see it?!}
smilin too
{and i'm listening to kasey chambers now and that makes me dance up a storm!}

pinkkandy said...

I love your blog..the header is so pretty did you make it?Happy pink
God Bless

Claudia said...

How nice that your Mom got in on the fun of Pink Saturday! Have a great weekend!

TattingChic said...

So many pink little time! LOL! Happy Pink Saturday! :)

someplace in thyme said...

Your pictures are always so beautiful and full of pink, Happy Pink Saturday, Char

Susie Jefferson said...

Great fun - Happy Pink Saturday!

Light and Voices said...

Great job posting Pink things!