Friday, April 23, 2010

Business 2 Blogger

Hey there My Sweet Lovelies,

Have you heard of Business 2 Blogger??
I found out about this place from the Lovely Natalie @ { my life less ordinary } pop over and say hi to Nat she has a wonderful blog and I reckon her family must have a blast, just seeing the photos she takes makes me smile :) Thanks Nat for letting me know about Business 2 Blogger!

Business 2 Blogger

As you know I was asked to do a review about some lighting I got for free, well I had so much fun I thought I would see what Business 2 Blogger was all about. From my understanding its businesses and bloggers working together, and B2B are the ones that make it all possible. A business has something that they want promoted...lets say a light..they offer a blogger a light in exchange for them to write a review on that light and company. Its a win win because the blogger has advertised for the company putting the word out for them and the blogger is happy because they have a beautiful new light. :)
I've just signed up to Business 2 Blogger because to me its a fabulous opportunity for both parties and I don't know about you, Sweet Lovelies but who wouldn't mind getting something nice from time to time, I know I'd LOVE it!!!
So what you think? It may not be for you but you can always have a look and see :)

Have a super fabulous weekend, Sweeties :)



Kissed by an Angel said...

What a fabulous idea, and a fantastic opportunity!!! Thank you so much for sharing!!
Have a great weekend!!

Kristin said...

Looks interesting! Super fabulous weekend to you, too!!

Hugs, Kristin