Monday, March 30, 2009

Before & After

Hi There Lovely Ladies!!!

Remember the little Chest of Draws?! Well they're finally finished...I know I took my sweet time, nothing like a few fears and procrastination to hold you back. I'm amazed that they're done woooooohooooo I finished the little chest of draws..and I actually like the job that was done and I would love to know what you all think since this is my first time Shabby Chicing anything.

Are you ready?????

Oh golly I hope you like it :) now I'm a little gentle with me..hehe



Soooooooo what do you think? Does it look ok?? Should I never pick up a paint brush again???

Pleeeeeeeasssssssssssse put me out of my misery...I can handle it...ummm no I can't...oh yes I can...constructive criticism is good for growth so let me have it :)



Libby Murphy said...

Well, I think you got a great look. I've never done anything like this but imagine it took a while. Good Job.
Happy Twirls

Cottage Remnant said...

Looks great ma-dear....
Keep painting, but warn those around you "not to stand still too long or they may end up painted"...LOL

Julie said...

It turned out FAB! I think you out did yourself....I Love it!!!
I think you should keep painting!
Love ya...Julie

Betty Jo said...

It's beautiful! You've done an amazing job. I've never done anything like that either, but I plan to, especially now that my friend and I will be opening our own shop. (details on my blog) I've been so busy I'm just now replying to my Pink Saturday friends who left comments. ♥

Evelyn said...


I think the chest of drawers came out great! You did a great job. For me it's a big project. I'm curious about how long it took. I have an armoire I was thinking about refinishing and you totally motivated me.

tales from an O.C. cottage said...

That is just plain adorable!!!

m ^..^

Holly said...

Good job, Melly! ♥