Saturday, March 14, 2009

Dump Shopping

Hi Lovely Ladies!!

Good golly gosh I'm just about jumping out of my skin with excitement to show you my treasures.
It's Saturday here in Aussie Land and this morning Mum and I went to the dump shop to see what we might find. Well, they say one mans trash is another mans treasure, this is soooooooooooooo true because I feel like I have found the sweetest treasure and yet people seen these lovelies as rubbish. I have always been shocked by what people throw away but never mind that, back to what is important and that is showing you my TREASURE!!!

Now I do know that some of you may not see it in the same light as I do and that's ok we all have different tastes :) I just want to share what has tickled me happy today :)

My Treasure!!!!!! yippppppppeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

Mum fell in love with the cross-stitch which is done so beautifully I'm sure many hours went into this beautiful piece. The glass in the frame is a non reflective glass and Mum said that it's quite a bit dearer than normal that's a bonus :)

This little plate caught my eye, it's quite worn but still pretty. Stamped on the back of it is a crown, SAJI, made in Japan, fine china and ICP-10936.

I thought this mirror was cute so I decided it would be coming home to live at my place :)

But this is what made me do back flips (please know that I didn't actually do back flips)...hehe now that would be funny..hmmm more like impossible...anyway...moving right along....I know it's not pink...golly I think I may have fainted if it was pink and even though it's not pink I still think the green is's a really pretty green. In the set is one large plate, one bread & butter plate, four saucers and one beautiful tea cup. It's not in the best condition there's chips and cracks but I love it all the same. Stamped on the back is MYOTT {under myott is like a coat of arms}, Staffordshire England, Florentine and then numbers stamped in gold 4597. I'll have to google all this to see what it all means, my sweet Mum says that it's a good brand. Either way I'm not bothered because I think it's gorgeous. I have been blessed with these treasures.

I hope you all liked my little show & tell, I've enjoyed sharing my finds with you all and I'm having such a blast taking the pics of everything as well. Don't you just LOVE photography!?

Oh! I almost forgot to tell you that all of this cost $10 which I thought was just super :)
I'd love to hear(read) your thoughts on my treasures or just stop and say hi :)

Have a fabulous weekend ladies!!



Julie said...

You Hit the JACKPOT!!!!
I love the plates!!!! How much fun to go Dump Shopping...wish I was there to go with you and your mum!!!
Have a great weekend...Julie

kymber said...

Hi Melly,
Great finds! I loved everything. Isn't it amazing what people will get rid of? I love to go thrift shopping. Some of my greatest treasures are found that way.
Thanks for sharing your beautiful finds. It makes me itch to go shopping!

I am so glad that you stopped by the other day - it is nice to meet you! I look forward to reading more of your lovely blog.
Have a great day,

Kathy said...

I can't believe you found all those wonderful things in a dump! Love those gorgeous green dishes.